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08/13/08 03:48 PM #1    

Pat Bousliman

Welcome to the Helena High School Class Of 1989 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

10/22/08 06:12 AM #2    

Jill Mallory (Jensen)

I agree this is pretty cool!

10/22/08 02:44 PM #3    

Sean Francis

This is weirdly addicting... I had lost my yearbook so long ago, it is fun seeing how everyone looked back then.

10/22/08 04:16 PM #4    

Kevin Hathcock

Big Hair and Mullets! Glad you all are liking the site. Can't wait to see you all again.

10/29/08 07:54 PM #5    

Kellie Denler (Boedecker)

The website is amazing! My nine year old really enjoyed seeing the giant hair pictures. Kevin, thank you for putting this together.

10/30/08 01:34 PM #6    

Rachel Morrison (Lund)

Either the "blast from the past" icon is new or I missed it before. I was cracking up at the songs. If you haven't listened you should - it will definately provide flashbacks.

10/31/08 02:13 PM #7    

Pat Bousliman

Kevin, nice work on the music. Confirms my view that "Shower Me With Your Love" is one of the great works of western music from the last two decades.

11/07/08 11:37 PM #8    

Shawn Trueman

Great fun browsing the site. It is amazing how far things have come since we got a computer in the HHS library that had a CD ROM.

Have to admit - I checked out the music, but I refuse to admit I used to own any of it.

Looking forward to seeing you all next summer.

11/09/08 01:18 PM #9    

Kimberly Koenig (Cross)

Yeah, this site is great; the music is fun and it's neat to see what people are up to, and to see what people look like these days. Check out "Love Song" by Tesla in the Blast from the Past link...oddly, we enjoyed that one.

11/14/08 03:42 PM #10    

Patricia McCue (Laughery)

Hello all, guess what I found in a shoe box. Pictures of a few guys in skirts. Do you remember that? I laughed so hard this last hour, thank you for that. Let me know if i can help with anything.

11/19/08 11:34 AM #11    

Corinne Morgan (Patten)

Sean, I agree, it's hard to leave the site! My girls think the pictures are hilarious. I told them in great detail how it took over an hour to get the big hair and all the curling, hair spray, blowdring upside down, hair spray, then ratting and more hair spray. I'm seriously shocked that there is not a theory out there that Global Warming was caused by 80's hair!

11/19/08 03:04 PM #12    

Jill Mallory (Jensen)

It just hit me today that we are old. We were discussing the technology used on the first space shuttle. The young guy I work with made a comment about it being almost 30 years old. I said that it wasn't that old and that the first one was in 1981. He said that was his point, almsot THIRTY YEARS OLD! I don't feel this old!

11/22/08 01:42 PM #13    

Jason Cummings

Hello all! This webpage has been set up very well. Nice to see these familiar faces again.

11/25/08 11:35 AM #14    

Kevin Schulte

Great website! Thanks for all the work put into it.

12/03/08 07:49 PM #15    

Kellie Denler (Boedecker)

For those who might not have heard. Mr. Koon passed away on November 29th. There is an internet memorial at that you can sign.

12/11/08 12:15 PM #16    

Kristie Ruttenbur

This is crazy!! I can't believe we're all adults! I was going to say that we're all 'grown up', but realized that wouldn't be a truthful statement for all of us...hehe. The virtual yearbook is cool. I haven't seen those faces in 20 years. There are some faces missing though....LIKE MINE! What's up with that?? ;-)

12/12/08 11:01 AM #17    

Shannon Clark (Brooks)

It is so AWSOME to see this website WOW:) Nice job! I can't wait to see everyone in August and the "Blast from the Past" is great! See you all soon

02/09/09 01:20 PM #18    

Nicole Wolcott

Thank you so much for doing this website. I have managed to procrastinate on my life for almost two hours on this now. Like Crack! You did a great job and i hope that I can get home for the reunion.

08/12/09 06:39 AM #19    

Sara Hagen (Hull)

Rest in peace Chris Newman, you will be missed. The Class of '89 sends our condolences to wife Kelly and sons Casey, Josiah, and Austin. While enjoying our Saturday night together, Chris suffered a brain hemorrhage and passed away.

And with the morn those angel faces smile
Which I have loved long since and lost awhile.
-John Henry Newman, Anglican priest and author, 1800s

08/14/09 07:31 AM #20    

Molli Grant (Remington)

The Reunion was too much fun! Kevin, June, Jenny, Sara, et al - thank you again for doing such a great job bringing us all together to enjoy good times again. We love you guys!

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